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Use our goal setting software with a list of daily positive affirmations and change your problems with the transformative and creative power of words. Positive affirmations can change negative patterns of thought in your subconscious mind and bring about creative changes that are miraculous. Jesus also taught his disciples the power of positive affirmation as a form of prayer when he told them to focus on God as their source of faith and then they could solve big problems by affirmatively speaking to them and commanding changes and those positive changes would happen and the main requirement is to believe that it will happen (Mark 11:22-24). Through constant and disciplined periodic repetition followed by thanksgiving, positive affirmations can take root in your mind and your faith and become a creative and transformative power for your mind, body and your lifestyle. Becoming more positive is another outcome of this therapy and being positive will be good for all aspects of your life.

You can even change your personal financial state of being through speaking positive affirmations for wealth. But remember, money and material wealth does not necessarily bring happiness and often brings misery instead, and often true wealth is found in things like friends, family, and other non-material things that produce true happiness. So to bring about wealth you need to use our daily list of wealth affirmations and goal setting software to overcome the negative programming which has already taken root in your subconscious mind, often from childhood interactions with other children and adults. If the previous pattern is well entrenched, it is important to realize from the start that a considerable effort will be needed to effect a change through transformative healing. For less severe problems the thought for the day affirmations can be used, but for more severely disfunctional thought patterns more frequent repetitions of powerful positive affirmations for wealth need to be utilized.

Before you can understand how a targeted list of affirmations work, you need to comprehend a little of the workings of the subconscious mind and the science of mind affirmations. This deeper level of mind is concerned first and foremost with survival. Although this is fundamentally positive, it can create problems such as negative side effects if this area has been abused by bad or abusive family interactions or negative teaching which has resulted in negative programming that took place in your childhood. But the subconscious mind knows that however unsatisfactory your life may have been up until now, at least you have survived despite unsatisfactory conditions. Therefore, the subconscious mind does not perceive any real threat to your survival that would motivate it to rally for change. This explains why the subconscious is so resistant to change even when positive powerful healing affirmations are used to try and bring about change.

What is required to overcome this resistance to change is for you, through the gentle and subtle use of our powerful affirmations software, to begin to say these affirmations daily and consistently. This will result in the subconscious mind being reassured that positive changes can take place in your life, while it perceives that you still retain the same degree of safety and control over your circumstances. The one thing you absolutely must not do is frighten the subconscious mind. Applying your targeted list of positive daily affirmations in a relaxed way is going to be very important and transformative. Your voice should be relaxed, rather than excited, and your body should be in a relaxed state while you pronounce healing positive affirmations. By doing this you will tell the inner mind that positive circumstances will result from changes brought about by the list of affirmations which includes positive affirmations for wealth. If you have a mindset of poverty these should be used to overcome it.

But when dealing with deeply entrenched negative programming you need to face up to the fact that the first reaction of the mind will be to resist your attempts to change negative thought patterns. Because the negative thought patterns are so very deeply entrenched the mind will perceive the positive affirmations as a threat to its survival. The disciplined use of the list of daily affirmations is going to be necessary to absolutely convince the subconscious mind to submit to the words of affirmation and their transformative power when trying to create a change in your thinking. Of course, the subconscious is going to do everything it can to hinder your attempt to speak out the powerful healing affirmations! This is where there is no substitute for perseverance. If you fail to carry out regular use of your list of affirmations for a day, maybe because you get caught up in unexpected happenings, don't beat yourself up over it. Just start the program again the next day.

But the good news is that the negative thought patterns and destructive coping strategies proceeding from the subconscious mind will eventually turn around and be overcome and healed through the application of our list of what some call science of mind affirmations but actually are not just mind power techniques but are words of creative power that should flow from a reservoir of faith built up within you. When the final and complete transformation will occur is impossible to predict, as it depends entirely on how deeply ingrained the initial negative programming was, and how many times it has been reinforced by further negative experiences. What is certain, however, is that once the subconscious has submitted to your target list of positive daily affirmations, by far the most important battle of the war will have been won. Don't slack off at this stage, but keep going in the same relaxed but determined way. Keep your tone relaxed, and the daily positive affirmations will initiate the transformation.


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